Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria Universities

Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria Universities

Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria Universities – If you are a fresh blood in the labor market or new secondary school student preparing for the next coming UTME that will be organize by Joint Admission Examination Board but still confuse on what course to choose base on level in Job Opportunities in the country, you will be provided with relevant courses here.


The worst courses listed here are not bad course to study just that there is no Job Opportunities for graduate of such courses, most of them are hot courses for those in the United State.

Most of the courses are courses Nigeria as a country haven’t realize the potential of what can be done with them. In the United State and other European countries they have Zoos and they need Zoologist to help them take of the animals, Overseas their Sport graduates and Professionals are well respected and they get good pay to feed their families, Counselling Psychologist is another profession you will always found in their colleges because they know the students needs it. Music, Science of Politics, Sociology, Botany, Physical Education are few of the fields they don’t joke with, can we say the same of our own country?

  • How many graduate of Political Science using the certificate to earn a living?
  • Can you please count the numbers of Zoo we have in Nigeria?
  • What do you think become graduate of Theatre Art
  • Do we have any Job Provision for graduate of Physical Education?
  • What value you think the Government and the people place on graduate of Library and Information?
  • How many French Learning institute do we have here?
  • Are our stadium sport training center still functioning?
  • How many Religious studies graduates do you think Primary schools employ?
  • What population of Religious Studies graduates do you think Universities can employ?

Note that I am not trying to discriminate the superiority of any course over another, I am only trying to discuss on things that needs to be straightened out. The courses that fall under worst courses in Nigeria are courses that we don’t have market for here or we are not even ready for it.

Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria Universities

  • Primary Education
  • French
  • Geography
  • Religious Studies
  • Language
  • Political Science
  • Music
  • Fine Art
  • Botany
  • Physical Education
  • English Literature
  • Sociology
  • Sport
  • Library and Information Science
  • Horticulture
  • Anthropology
  • Animal Science

Reasons why Students opt for many of the courses

#1. For the Seek of the Certificate

This is one the trend when it comes to studying any course in Nigeria right now, many students are now opt in for courses they don’t have passion for. Many just want to have the certificate for the seek of formality and respect given to graduate out there.

One of the reasons is for them to make mama proud so they say whenever they are asked of reasons why they    choose courses that many don’t even know about it existence or courses they don’t have passion for.


#2. For them to answer Undergraduate

The popular belief of many Nigerian Students is that friends in the tertiary institution are better than them and they think gaining admission into Universities or Polytechnics studying any course that come their way is the solution out of it. – Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria Universities.


#3. Pressure from Parents and Peers

Typical Nigerian parents will always put their children under pressure when it comes to doing things they want, when it comes to marriage, when it comes to relationship and when it comes to gaining admission into school    which might leads to the child accepting courses that is against his/her wish. – Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria Universities.


#4. Lack of access to right information

Information they say is power and it contribute to one of the reason why many students will choose course on what a friend is doing or what a teacher told them. No access to right information is the only thing that can make a student   choose a course Nigeria don’t have Market for yet. – Worst Courses to Study in Nigeria Universities.


Degrees with the best employment opportunities in Nigeria

It will be a slap on my face to come up with worst courses to study in Nigeria which is the problem and yet refuse to provide you with the solution ,which is degree courses with best employment opportunities in Nigeria.

  • Geology
  • Computer Science/Information Technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Agriculture Science
  • Marketing
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Pharmacy
  • Law
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Fishery
  • Graphics Art
  • Human Resources Management
  • Health Education
  • Architecture
  • Nursing

The fact we have courses labelled as worst courses to study in Nigeria does not mean we don’t Job Opportunities for them just that they are few in number to that of Agricultural Science, Medicine, Health Education and others.

In the next five to ten years many of the courses label as worst courses might the ones trending but it is better to be on the safer side if you belong to the class of Nigerians that don’t thinks of years to come. Being on the safer side here means choosing marketable courses in Nigeria that are trending now.

And you it is expected of you to do your own Home work, make use of the Library and Internet to carry out research on Career prospects of each courses that falls under worst courses to study in Nigeria and Degree with high Job Opportunities in Nigeria, know what is expected of you to achieve it and work towards it.

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If you have anything to ask on worst courses to study in Nigeria, kindly make use of the comment box.

Note: This was written from my own point of few

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