Top 10 Poorest Countries in Africa

As much as Africa as continent is striving to develop, these countries are still lugging behind and have a gross domestic product of less than $500. These countries’ economy is largely affected by political insecurity and wars which are prevalent.

These are the top 10 poorest countries in Africa basing on International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Gross Domestic Product per Capita which is a measure of a country’s purchasing power in international markets

Poor leadership, massive embezzlement, and diversion of public funds, civil wars, international interference, years of unrest and poor economic and development policies are the most common causes of the poverty in these African countries.

10. Guinea: GDP Per Capita $ 558

The country of the west coast of Africa, Guinea which is officially known as Republic of Guinea but sometimes country called as French Guinea, this region is not such a short country but has total area 245,860 Square kilometers and has total population of 10.5 million, this country is prominently an Islamic country because it has more than 85 % of total population is Muslim. This country is rich in deposit of Gold and Diamonds but despite of this very poor in income per capita which is $558, after their independence from France, country is facing large problems of Finance therefore due to poverty death rate also increase.

9. Ethopia: GDP Per Capita $ 505

Another African country Ethiopia which is officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, it has border connected with Somalia, Kenya and other prominent countries, it is consist of large area which is 1,100,000 square kilometers and population is also is not far less than with respect to Area that is 100 million inhabitants therefore largest landlocked country and second in population after Nigeria in this Continent. Despite of rich in area and population but overall considered to be poorest country because it has income per capital less than $505.

8. Democratic Republic of Congo: GDP Per Capita $ 484

Congo which is officially known as Democratic Republic of the Congo, country is located in Central Africa, it is only country that has most names because from 1908 to 1960, it was called as Belgian Congo and till 1997 named as Zaire, this country is second largest country of Africa in respect of area, fourth largest in population in this region therefore it has population more than 77 million. As interesting to know that, country is richest in natural resources but due to political instability, corruption and misuse of these resources below the poverty line because income per capita is much low that is $484.

7. Madagascar: GDP Per Capita $ 463

Madagascar is another one of the huge nation of Africa, country is officially known as Republic of Madagascar, island is known as fourth largest in the world, country gained independence in 1960 but country is officially governed by constitutional democracy since 1992. According to reports population of this country is just over 22 million but shocking to know that more than 90 % of the total population has $2 per day which is absolutely due to political instability, income per capital is about $ 463 that is totally depends upon the agriculture, so their living standard will absolutely increase with this income.

6. Liberia: GDP Per Capita $ 454

Liberia is located on the coast of West Africa and has a total area of 111,369 square kilometers with a population of 4,503,000 inhabitants. Liberia gained independence from United States of America in 1847. But after independence, country is not stable in every walk of life including income per capita $454 which is less than international poverty rate. According to reports, before the civil wars of this country, Liberia was such a developed country but these wars not only destroyed the economy of the country but also caused more 0.5 million deaths.

5. Niger: GDP Per Capita $ 415

Landlocked country of the Western Africa, Niger is officially known as Republic of Niger, this country is named after the Niger River, Niger is largest country by area in West Africa with total area 1,270,000 square kilometers but more than 80 % area is totally consist of Sahara Deserts, despite of large area, it has also large population which is about 17,138,707 inhabitants. Country is so far called as the developing but it has much lower income per capita which is $415 therefore included in poorest countries, this country has also majority of Muslim community but income in not enough to fulfill even basic needs.

4. The Gambia: GDP Per Capita $ 371

The Gambia is another small Islamic country which is known as Islamic Republic of Gambia, this country is also located in African continent but country is smallest mainland of this region, The Gambia is small in all respects including small area which is 10,689 square kilometers, small population just about 1.9 million and also very low income per capita that is $371. Income of people is totally depends upon fishing, farming and tourism. According to reports this country is also below the international poverty line, they use old techniques of farming and fishing therefore their income is not increasing as hard work.

3. Central Africa Republic: GDP Per Capita $ 333

Central African Republic is also landlocked country situated in Central Africa; this region is rich in many resources and minerals including gold, diamonds, crude oil, uranium, hydropower and lumber but despite of all these resources included in the poorest countries with miserable conditions of inhabitant. Country has total area about 620,000 square kilometers and population more than 4.7 million but far less income per capita that is $376, the Central African Republic Bush War has bulldozed the growth while also transferred enormous population in which most of people left on the streets because they have no house to live.

2. Burundi: GDP Per Capita $ 267

Burundi is landlocked country that is officially known as Republic of Burundi, situated in East Africa but also considered as the part of Central Africa, about 200 years ago, country gained independence from United Kingdom but it was under the rule of Germany and Belgium so it gained independence from these countries permanently in 1962. But country is never woke up at the level of developed country because of weak infrastructure, poor education services, weak access to health, corruption and more important hunger because of very low income per capita that is $267 therefore more than 11,178,921 inhabitants are living the life much below international poverty level.

1. Malawi: GDP Per Capita $ 226

Malawi is officially known as Republic of Malawi, a landlocked country located in Southeast Africa, Lake Malawi is most prominent in this country which separates this from Tanzania and Mozambique, region consist of 118,000 square kilometers with total population more than 16,777,547. This is one of the smallest countries of Africa because more than one third area is occupied by only Lake Malawi; country is also called as Warm Heart of Africa, country is also leading in the world which is poverty because income per capita of this country is $226 therefore people have very low life expectancy, there are seen some improvements but these are not enough for people.

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