Top 10 Deadliest Sharks Shark

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Statistically, it is incredibly rare for any species of shark to attack people, but when they do the results can be so horrific as to fuel our imagination of monsters. Sharks strike fear into our hearts, but at the same time, these ancient fish fascinate us at a primordial level. Many more people are bitten by other people than by sharks, still, sharks are hardly cuddly friends. And while the probability of you being attacked by a shark is low, you probably don’t want to meet one of these guys in the ocean.

10.  Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Shark

The Hammerhead Shark or more probably the Great Hammerhead Shark, since Hammerhead is actually a family of sharks which are hard to tell apart for the casual observer, especially when he’s biting your foot off.

The Great Hammerhead, the largest of the hammerhead species, reaching up to 20 feet and weighing 1300 pounds, is also the most aggressive of the Hammerhead species.

His unique look definitely helps to stir our deepest fears but also helps him to see all around him. Despite his extra-weaponized look, the hammerhead shark has attacked humans only 17 times.

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