Top 10 Best Airlines in Africa

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Africa continues its progress towards development, the need for swift transportation, which is a catalyst enhancing business opportunities and engineering enterprise, is key. With the seeming northern trend of investments, the need to move from Jo’ burg via Accra to Casablanca in the safest, fastest and most comfortable means cannot be over-emphasized.

Africa’s emerging market stimulate enterprise is on a daily basis, with business men and women, as well as foreign investors commuting from North to South on the continent. Investors need CEOs shuttling between Lagos and Nairobi in double quick time closing deals, forming mergers and making acquisitions of interest. Thus, thee fastest option is Air travel.

Aviation is a major catalyst engineering growth in Africa’s tourism industry and Africa’s top airlines are left with the task of transporting tourists and businessmen – the ones without private jets – to and fro the length and breadth of the continent. Running an airline is a 24hr job and the need for quality service delivery is pertinent. It requires the proper facilities, management, motivation and hours upon hours of hard work, preparation and precision. According to Skytrax, there are only five 5-star airlines in the world at the moment.

Although, Africa’s aviation industry is riddled with issues of poor quality standards, inconsistency, ageing fleet of aircrafts et al. Amidst all that, some African airlines have been able to deliver quality service to passengers. Here is a list of the top 10 airlines in Africa:

1 Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopia’s flag carrier is wholly owned by the government and was launched in December 1945 and commenced operations on 8 April 1946, expanding to international flights in 1951. The firm became a share company in 1965, and changed its name from Ethiopian Air Lines to Ethiopian Airlines.Its hub and headquarters are at Bole International Airport from where it serves a network of 113 passenger destinations —19 of them domestic— and 35 freighter destinations. Ethiopian flies to more destinations in Africa than any other carrier. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. It is one of the most profitable airlines in Africa.

A proud member of the Star alliance since December, 2011, Ethiopian Airlines operates with a fleet of 42 passenger and 6 freighter planes and offers services to 62 international and 17 domestic destinations.

In 2010, Ethiopian Airlines was named Africa’s most profitable airline by Air Transport World. Although Ethiopia’s flag carrier recently announced it is cutting cost so it can save up to one billion birr to ward of operational difficulties accruing from an increase in expenditure. It also announced record operating revenues registering a growth of 50.4%. The airline has 3 stars from a five-star ranking criteria by Skytrax.

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