The Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood Show Us How It’s Done

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We all know that Hollywood heavyweights make some serious money, but if there are some small screen stars out there making a million dollars an episode, just imagine what the highest paid blockbuster actors are earning in a year. We’ve taken a look at the A-list’s incomes, and can we just say, holy smokes, those salaries are insane. The top 25 have all worked hard to earn their spot at the top of the Hollywood heap, but just wait until you see who took no. 1, and by how many tens of million no. 2 trails behind. That’s right, we’ll be hitting the hundred millions, so hold onto your hats.

25. Gal Gadot

$10 Million

Let’s all give a rousing round of applause to first timer on the Forbes highest paid actor ranking, Gal Gadot! The Israeli born actress really broke into the Hollywood big leagues when she suited up as Wonder Woman in 2017, and perhaps unsurprisingly, playing everyone’s favorite female superhero has spelled serious financial success.

In addition to pulling in a hefty payday as an actress, Gal signed an endorsement deal with major makeup company Revlon in 2018. Altogether, the busy star is estimated to have earned a sizeable salary, estimated at $10 million. With Wonder Woman 1984 slated for release sometime in 2019, Gal’s sure to hold onto her spot among Hollywood’s elite.

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