List of Pros and Cons of Online Education

Pros and cons of online education

Do you really want to know the pros and cons of online education?. Then you need to read this article which explains the advantages and disadvantages of online education.

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List of Pros and Cons of Online Education

Learning or studying online can be so much fun.

Though, as every other thing, it has the good and bad side.

You may have come across an online learning platform and you got interested in it. But you really don’t know if you should pay for it or not.

About 97% of online learning platforms are paid for, unless they give discounts or freebies.

If you have heard about a site called ‘Udemy‘, ‘Udacity’, ‘skill share’, ‘edX’, ‘Khan Academy’ or ‘Coursera’ , then you will easily understand what I said above. let me explain it and make it easier for you to understand Pros and Cons of Online Education.

What Is Online Education ?

Online education means learning about something online.

You don’t need to leave your house or office before you can learn online.

Although, online education might really not be exactly like learning about something physically.

You don’t need to meet with your tutor or teacher physically, before you can be taught.

I have gone through online education, so I know the pros and cons of learning via the internet.

You can interact with your online tutor via livechat, email, facebook, etcetera… Most online learning portals have this feature.

You are going to be educated about something via the internet.

Pros Of Online Education

1. Access To educative materials : You can get access to educative materials in your field of study. Instead of using hard-copy textbooks, you will get access to e-books that you will need in your field of study. Not only will you get access to educational e-books, but you will also get access to educational videos, slideshows, infographics, etcetera…

2. It is good for busy people : People who are working and still want to advance their career can study via the internet without the job getting mixed up with online education. If you are a working professional that is always busy, it can be if great advantage to you.

3. You can get a certificate after the completion of your online education : Although you may need to pay a small amount of money in order to get a certificate after you complete your online education. Having a certificate stands as an evidence that you learnt about something and now you know about it. A certificate could get you a job, contract or even a promotion in your place of work.

4. You can learn at your own pace : You don’t need to get stressed out just because you want to study online. You can easily learn at your own pace and time. That is one of the reason why online education is good.

5. It is more cheaper : Not everyone can afford to pay for education that is very expensive. The total amount of money you will spend learning online is more cheaper when compared to learning physically (face to face interaction). Expenses like transport, tecyltbooks, etectra…. will not be included in the amount of money that you will spend for online education.

Cons Of Online Education

1. It is not for everybody : Online education is not for everybody. Although, you can use it to advance your career or get a certificate, it is not for everybody. As I said before, if you are a busy working professional, then online education can help you advance your career. – Pros and Cons of Online Education

2. It causes unseriousness : Due to the lack of discipline, most students will be unserious. There is no enthusiasm to learn in the students. This unserious behaviour in students causes them to be lazy (not doing assignments, not taking lectures and engaging in exam malpractice).

3. It can be a distraction to you : If you are not interested in learning online or you are studying a course in a university or polytechnic, then online education might be a distraction to you.

4. You need to be a computer literate : Yes, you need to know how to operate and use a computer effectively. You are going to take your lectures and exams online. You will surely need a computer, data connection, webcam (optional), e.t.c.. In case you don’t know how to use a computer, I will advise you to learn about that first. I don’t think you need to learn how to use a computer online. There are people or educational institutes who can teach you. It is not really necessary for you to get a degree in computer science or computer engineering, just because you want to learn how to use a computer. You can learn it within one to four months (1-4 months). It’s not as hard as you think.

5. Students can easily cheat in exam : Examination malpractice is very easy to take place in online education. There is no much discipline and students are not watched by their tutors. A webcam might be used during exam, but this does not guarantee an exam that is 100% free from malpractice.

6. It consumes a lot of cellular data : Due to the amount of videos, slidedhows, e-books, etcetera… downloading or live streaming any of these will consume your data a lot. Imagine if you are to download more than 60 videos while learning about something online.


There are different types of online education and they are quite different from.

Studying or learning about something online does not need you to be present physically at the learning center.

In this article, the pros and cons of online education have been laid out.

Am sure you must have know the advantages and disadvantages of online education.

Note : To get an accredited certificate online, you need to have excellently passed the tests, exams and paid fully for the certificate.

If you want to learn via the internet and make sure the things you learned makes an impact, then you need to be disciplined while learning.Although it is not for everybody, some people still love it.

Online education is more cheaper and affordable when compared to the other type of education.

If you have anything that you want to contribute to Pros and Cons of Online Education, Kindly make use of the comment box.

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