Top Online Doctoral Programs in Business

Online Doctoral Programs in Business

Online Doctoral Programs in Business – Prospective doctor of business administration students belongs to the class of people that are immersed in their careers and rising through the ranks of their organizations. They have the burning desires to keep on learning and doing more when it comes to personal development, you will rarely see them doing things that won’t add up to their work activities and rarely have time to take courses but with the Top Online Doctoral Programs in Business that will become a thing of the past.

Programs here are designed to meet up with a professional standard, there will allow students to complete coursework remotely from the corners of their rooms while making remarking contributions at the office. In this ranking I will be coming up with most affordable Doctoral Business Programs in Business that can be afford by almost everyone.

Ranking Best Online Doctoral Programs in Business

To develop this list of Best Online Doctoral Programs in Business , Our Team began with a list of 50 online doctoral courses offered by Universities. They now make use of tuition filter and come up with annual tuition fees that is less than $20,000. The remains were ranked base on affordability.


Top Online Doctoral Programs in Business

  • Online Doctor of Business Administration – Felician University
  • Online Doctorate Business Administration – NorthCentral University
  • Online Doctorate in Business Administration – Franklin University
  • Online Doctor of Business Administration – City University of Seattle
  • Online Doctor of Management – Colorado Technical University
  • Online DBA – California Baptist University
  • DBA Online – South University
  • DBA Online – George FOX University
  • Doctorate in Business Administration Online – Johnson & Wales University
  • Online DBA – Baker College
  • DBA in Entrepreneurship and Business Management Online – California Intercontinental University
  • DBA Online – Saint Leo University
  • Online DBA : Management – Grand Canyon University
  • Doctor of Business Administration Online – Wilmington University
  • Doctoral Degree in Business Administration Online – University of South Florida
  • Doctorate in Business Administration Online – University of Maryland College
  • Online DBA – Liberty University
  • Doctorate in Business Administration Online – University of Wisconsin Whitewater
  • Online DBA – University of Management and Technology
  • Online Doctoral Degree in Business Administration – Trident University
  • Online Doctor of Business Administration – Westcliff University
  • Online Doctor of Business Administration – William Howard Taft University
  • Online Doctorate in Business Administration – University of North Carolina
  • DBA Online – University of Missouri St.Louis


Accredited Online PhD Programs in Business

Here Is where reasons why various Institutions and courses listed here will be discussed, the number of students enrolled and courses that each Online Universities earn Doctorate degree in business offers.

#1.  Online Doctor of Administration

This is a course offered by Felician University, Lodi, New Jersey with a total number of 370 Graduate. It is a self paced for busy individual with the desire to learn more about the Business world. Majority of the courses can be completed online but the a time will come when the students needs to make trips to campus for statistics course and one for the doctoral dissertation. Students enrolled in the program will take part in Historical Perspectives in Management, Contemporary Marketing Theory and Applied Management Theory. They will also need to take fundamental courses in Introduction to Research Methods, Advanced Academic Study and Writing. This University is one of the 24 Franciscan Universities in the Nation. It was accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.It was ranked as one of the best regional colleges in the North. The tuition is $18,360.


#2. Online Doctorate Business Administration

A course offered by Northcentral University, San Diego, California with a total number of 10,699 Graduates, it offers the most versatile and affordable online doctorate degree program in Business. Students can chose from fields like Homeland Security Leadership and Policy, Financial Management, Computer and Information Security, International  Business, Applied Computer Science and Public Administration. Students that partake in this program will be enrolled in courses like Ethnics in Business, Doctoral Studies and Research Design.  Depending on the chosen area of specialization , they will also take courses like Financial Management for International Business, Local Emergency Management, Advanced Forensic Accounting Theory and Practice and Civil Preparedness with Urban and Regional Planning.

A doctoral dissertation is also needed. North central tuition course tuition fee which is affordable can be completed within 39 months and students can also make use of the multiple annual start dates. North Central University is accredited by the WASC College and University Commission. The tuition is $16,553.


#3. Online Doctorate in Business Administration

Franklin University, Columbus Ohio with over 1,244 Graduates enrollment offers affordable DBA online course that can be completed within three years. This program is a fully online base course and the students have no reason to visit the Campus at any point during the period of taking the course. Students who register for this program will need to fulfill a research core that is made up of Introduction to Statistics, Research Methods and Design and Writing Foundations. The students will also take major courses in Development Management Theory Practice, Change Management, Ethnics and Social Responsibility and Organizational Development. It has been called the Number 1 online school in Ohio. It offers numerous services to distance learners, including career coaching, resume assistance and Interview preparation.


#4. Online Doctor of Business Administration

One of the best places when you think of Online Doctoral Programs in Business, City University of Seattle offers lot of affordable doctoral online program for those who are Interested in knowing more about Business and what is attached to it. This course can be completed within 3-4 years depending on the students we are talking about. The content(videos, Text,Pictures) is versatile that students can choose area of specialization. All Students must fulfill a business administration courses; Business Process Analysis and Strategic Management, Financial Decision- Making and Strategic Management Industry Analysis and Change Management.  In addition to the coursework, 15-20 page of doctoral dissertation is needed.  The tuition is $15,264.


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