List of Top Legitimate Online Business In Nigeria

Legitimate Online Business In Nigeria

Legitimate Online Business In Nigeria – Many Nigerians are on the look out for business they can venture into with little or no investment and many are investing in business ideas that are no more trending. So what is the way out? If you belong to this category, all your worries and frustration will surely come to an end if you can take actions and spend money on what will benefits you instead of spending it on girls/irrelevant things.

Right from the time, I decide to make some money online, I laid my hand on several business both offline and online.

While some were just a mere waste of time, some helped make some little money and they are still producing something till date.

That is my reasons for coming up with this post, that will show you different business ideas you can start as a Nigerian or as a student from any of the Nigeria higher institution of learning. It does not matter any part of the country you are from, you can do any of the businesses i will be listing here.

Note: I want you to know that the fact I recommend them for you does not mean they will start producing you money if you fail to chip in your own effort. In short, you must be ready to work your ass out.


List of Top Legitimate Online Business In Nigeria

The economy is becoming something else and people are becoming getting laid, small business owners are finding it hard to survive, students are getting frustrated, many are looking for what to do to put food on their table. This is the reality that many are finding it hard to accept.

However, we have smart individuals that are doing what is expected of them without waiting for the government.

Knowing different business ideas for students to make money in Nigeria, Learning how to make money online in Nigeria or List of online business in Nigeria are one the ways that is saving people out of everyday lack of money. It helps my bloggers friends, people around the country and the truth is that it can help you too.

I believe that after you must have read this write-up,you should be able to get to action on one of the online business opportunities in Nigeria listed here. And i will be sharing how you can start each and every one of them. – Legitimate Online Business In Nigeria

  • Making use of your Talent
  • Mini Importation
  • Blogging
  • E-commerce
  • Information Marketing
  • Freelancing
  • Graphics Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Selling Videos on Udemy
  • Creating Online Courses
  • Creating YouTube Videos

Even though we have many lucrative business ideas in Nigeria to venture into, the below are choosing base on the following criteria:

Sustainablity:  If you look at years back you will see that we business that are no more in existence. Businesses that won’t survive the test of time are not worthy to be focus on.

Control: Your business is bound to fail if you don’t have control over it, but the business ideas listed here are easy to control once you know what you are doing,ready to do what is working and using tools if needed.

Easy of Entry: The business ideas listed here are chosen base on how east it is to start, even on whatever you will be reading this. But you will surely face some challenges and those are part of business. Failing is not bad but stop trying is a failure.

Tools: Many read books, attend seminars feel charged and yet fail to take action when they drop the books read because they don’t have access to the right tools. But if the tools are easy to get, that won’t be a problem.

List of Online Business In Nigeria

Now, let’s dig into various online business in Nigeria and how to go about them.

Business of Your Talents:

One of the Legitimate Online Business In Nigeria – Making money online seems impossible for some people and they believe it is only for the Yahoo Yahoo Boys. In fact, those that belong to this school of thoughts are those with the talents that can easily be monetised using the internet. Many think they need to be a programmer or a web guru before that can be brought into fruition.

People like this can be found around us and I always pray that they will be able to get their steps right one day.

What you should ask yourself is that – What is your hidden Talents?

What is that thing that your friends can’t do until they call for you? what are you know for among friends and family? what is that thing that you can do more than your classmates? what is that skill you are hidden from the world?

Here is an example.

Back in the days my big brother offer tutorial for his colleagues and kids in the hood while in school. If Internet was well accepted perhaps he would have create videos and sell them on Udemy or create e-books solving a problems in Organic Chemistry that students in various Nigeria higher institution of learning might be facing.

WhatsApp can easily be use to solve the problem of not having a platform. All would be needed was to add participants that must have paid a speculated amount of money.

What you can teach is not limited to academics, you can teach on anything you are good at; Agric business, Search Engine Optimization, Graphics Design, Copy Writing, Cooking , Bead Making. This is a good digital business ideas for students.

Today, I can decide to train people on SEO or Rabbit Farming in Nigeria. we have people that can bake cake more than others. Some people can cook more those that study it. Some have knowledge on how to remove pimples using Local remedies….and so on and on. You should see sit down and think about what you can do.


How to make money from your talents using the Internet

You will be surprise when you see funny keywords that people use to search for information online. In as much as we have people facing problems and you have the solutions to one or more of the problems then you can easily be found and make money. – Legitimate Online Business In Nigeria

How can I be Visible?

Social media is now becoming a great tool for getting to potential customers, start with using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap and so on. This may sound funny to you the power of social media in getting sells can’t be overlook. It is a way for advertising without paying a dime.

Start posting on groups by teaching what you know, become an authority, become someone they look forward to seeing his/her post Notification and you can sell whatever you want to sell to them that way.

You might face the challenges of people not  liking or commenting on your post, once they see you mean business and know what you are doing, it will pay off.

The benefits will come the day they face challenges in any area of the fields you post about be it agriculture, finance, business plan writing, politics, academics, and so on.



Another Legitimate Online Business In Nigeria – The first platform that make me see various opportunities i can do with the internet, give me the opportunity to share what i know with people around the world and meet people from different tribes.

The only challenge people face in blogging is that with motivation you might easily lose interest if the money don’t come in the way you must have imagined.

A blog can be define as a min website that gets updated with content(video, Text, Images) regularly. I use regularly because new information gets updated consistently.

When it comes to blogging we have niches like ; Lifestyle Niche, Politics niche, News Niche, Education Niche, business niche, acne niche, pimples niche, Start Up Niche, Word press niche, hiking niche, Entertainment niche and so on and on.

Another thing that make me fancy blogging is that you can easily incorporate almost like four online business ideas into it.

Let’s take for example:

I have knowledge of Rabbit farming In Nigeria (own a Rabbit pen)  and I decide to set up a blog that deal with Rabbit farming to tell people about benefits of rabbit meat and  what rabbit farming in Nigeria entails, write e-books, sell rabbit meat to people from around the world, write for agricultural blogs, create videos on rabbit farming with how to make money out of it, Join Udemy as a tutor then upload the Videos, importing agricultural materials like Incubator from China and so on…. This way I will be engaging in e-commerce, freelancing, blogging, selling of talent, Mini- Importation and others. – Legitimate Online Business In Nigeria


I want to debunk the popular belief that one niche is better than the other, all niche are good in as much as you are providing what your audience need for them in a way that they will understand.

You might be confuse on how to come up on what you can blog about.

How to get ideas on what to blog about

Talent: If you are confuse on what to blog about, why don’t you create a blog around what you know how to do best, just like Mr Deedee of DeedeesBlog deal with Relationship. We have people around the world that are looking for ways to solve one problem or the other.

And I also want you to know that we have topics that are popular than the other and therefore have more potential readers. Don’t be discouraged by this just be good at what you do. – Legitimate Online Business In Nigeria

Passion: You can decide to blog on what you are passionate about…… we have many people that are waiting to read what you know.

Setting Up a Blog

You can contact me if you are finding it difficult to set up a blog, I will do it for you at a price that won’t tear your pocket.

  • Choose any blogging platform of your choice
  • Get a domain name and hosting
  • Design your blog
  • Add content to your site ( You can contact me to write content for you)
  • Promote your blog

Step 1 : Choose a domain name and web hosting provider

we have two popular web hosting platform, and WordPress is more preferable due to the fact you can add more functionalities like e-commerce and more.And don’t make use of the free version as well because their is limitation to what you can do with it.


Step 2: Choose a web hosting provider

The next on the procedure’s is to get a domain name for your blog. You can get it from Namecheap.

Next is to get hosting package that is not pocket tearing at least for a start and few of my recommendations are Greengeeks, Domainking and others. – Legitimate Online Business In Nigeria.


Step 3: Designing Your Blog

Giving your blog a new look is the next and I can help you with that if you find it stressful.

The next steps is to add content to your blog and promote it on social media and forum.

How to make money from your blog

  • Selling e-books
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Pay per click marketing
  • Offering of services
  • Selling of your own product
  • Advertisement


Mini Importation

Another online business opportunities that many don’t know about in Nigeria and it is easy to start when you have access to the right information. Mini Importation is a business model that is base on buying things at a cheaper price from China then reselling it here.

I won’t be talking much on this because many are spending thousands of Naira to get this knowledge but it is not free. Consultation on Mini Importation is available if you are interested.



E-commerce is a form of business model where all commercial transactions are done online. selling of books, rabbit meat, snails, e-books, and others using the internet can be termed as e-commerce.


Information Marketing

Information is one the most selling products in Nigeria, you will be surprise when you see how much people spend on buying information that can solve their daily problems,  Those who collate those information are termed as Information Marketer.

People are interested in different things, they are facing problems  and they are ready to pay whoever can solve it for them.

Do you have anything to ask on Legitimate online business in Nigeria? Kindly make use of the comment. I will be waiting for your comment on Legitimate Online Business In Nigeria.

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