Beautiful Ethiopian Women and Models

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The reason why most people consider ethiopian as one of the most beautiful race in the world is that because the features of an ethiopian woman is undeniably beautifully structured. From that subtle jawline and the height of the nose to the sharpness of the eyes and not to mention, the gorgeous skin colour that is something to be proud of amidst this whole racism issue all across the world.

Aside from being physically beautiful, most ethiopian women have warm hearts. I have a friend who comes from this race and aside from her exceptional beauty, a gold heart comes with it. She is extremely caring, thoughtful and giving. She is very sincere with everything she does and to everyone she meets that sometimes I feel scared for her that people might take advantage of her.

You see, beauty isn’t only about what we can see. It’s a matter of her true intentions, and the beauty behind what is blind to the naked eye.

Ethiopian women have been renowned for their good looks for centuries.

This is due to their often very appealing facial features with an aquiline or otherwise thin nose and high cheekbones.

Here’s a very famous Ethiopian model.

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