6 Steps to Reaching A Flow State In Your Next Workout

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My mind is clear and focused;

Time slows and as I feel my muscles fully stimulated as they work together in harmony within each rep. A euphoric feeling flows throughout my body. I have become completely submersed in my workout.

I have achieved flow.

But what’s that? A friend? A text message? Facebook? A “perfect” song? Wait, what am I going to do after this? What’s for dinner?

It’s easy to carry some of the common distractions from our lives into our workouts. All of these things can kill the intensity and take you further away from achieving a flow state and pure enjoyment.

6 Steps to Reaching A Flow State

We have all had that feeling of getting lost in something. That state where we have energized focus, complete involvement and pure enjoyment in an activity. But how can we achieve this more in our workouts?

Here are 6 tips to help you reach a flow state and get more out of your workout:

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