10 Most Expensive Phone in the World

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How much can you pay for Most Expensive Phone in the world? Well iam not sure about you guys but iam not gonna pay thousands of dollars for a phone. This is not because I don’t want it, it is because i cannot afford it. Some of the Most Expensive Phones cost you millions of dollars. So let us check out The most expensive phone in the world.

List Of Most Expensive Phone

10. Vertu Signature Diamond – $88,000

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Vertu  made its first phone, the Signature phone in 2002.these phones are based on Android technologies and contain largely basic capabilities.

Vertu creates designer mobile phones for men and women who likely have a luxury auto that matches with their mobile.

A lot of Vertu’s priciest phones are not anything but just a normal mobile phone which is decorated with costly stone and leather.

Vertu promises phones which are “Handmade in England” and this is what customers are getting a handmade cell phone.

Each phone is created entirely by hand and designed to symbolize luxury.

Vertu’s little mill can be found beyond the quaint village of Church Crookham in Hampshire, England which is located 40 kilometers west of London.

there are different types of collection vertu has such as the Aster, the Bentley and a customized collection. Basic phones are used for creating the signature collection.

you can buy the cheapest vertu phone at $6,000 and the costliest phone at $88,000.
now let us talk about vertu signature diamond phone

vertu Signature Diamond phone is a handmade phone which was created with platinum and diamonds. The beautiful looking phone represents luxury.

This mobile phone was made in 2005, and only 200 pieces were crafted by Vertu. The phone has a dimension of 122 x 42 x 15.5 mm, 78 cc (4.80 x 1.65 x 0.61 in).this phone don’t have a camera either or any memory card slot.

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