10 Most Expensive Flowers In The World: Orchids, Roses & Priceless Plants

Flowers are the most preferred gifts for special occasions like a wedding, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. In fact, the phrase, “Say it with flowers” has become popular for this reason. Flowers are beautiful and easy on the purse. However, in this article we look at some of the rarest and most expensive flowers around the world.

10. Lisianthus ($10 – $35 per bundle)


The Lisianthus blooms annually and grows to about five centimeters in diameter. It has delicate, ruffled, wide petals and can be seen in a range of hues from blue violet, lavender, white, and pale purple. The flower is expensive because it survives only for a couple of weeks after it is cut from the stem. The shipped flowers are delicate and white in color, hence they are called “paper flowers”.

9. Lily of the Valley ($15 – $50 per bundle)

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley has a sweet scent but is also poisonous. It has a dainty and delicate appearance. This flower usually grows in late spring and lives only for a few weeks. Harvesters need to pick these flowers with great care to lengthen their lifespan.

8. Hydrangea ($6.5 per stem)


The Hydrangea is mostly white in color, but can also be seen in violet, light purple, pink, and blue colors. These flowers wilt easily, therefore it is advisable to buy them as close to the event as possible. They are widely used in many occasions, especially weddings. But it takes plenty of hard work to cultivate and harvest these beautiful flowers.

7. Gloriosa ($6 – $10 per flower)


The Gloriosa is native to Asia and South Africa. It is expensive as it is a rare and unique flower. The Gloriosa has showy petals with changing colors from center to tip. You can find these flowers in yellow-green, yellow, orange, and deep red colors.

6. Tulip Bulb (sold for $5,700 in the 17th century)

17th Century Tulip Bulb

The simple and common tulip enjoyed a bubble in 17th century Holland, when it was sold for astronomical prices. The Dutch loved its shape and deep lush colors which were stronger than other flowers. Their price zoomed up to 10,000 guilders ($5,700) and the tulip has remained a sought after status symbol since then.

5. Saffron Crocus ($1200 – $1500 per pound)

Saffron Crocus

Saffron is a popular spice that is used for coloring and high seasoning in many cuisines. The flower has purple color with a yellow stamen. But preparing spice from this flower is very difficult as about 80,000 flowers are used to extract just 500 grams of spice. However, the hard work is worth it as Saffron spice is in great demand.

4. Gold of Kinabalu Orchid ($6000 per piece)

Gold of Kinablu Orchid

This flower is extremely expensive because of its beauty and rarity. It has lovely green petals embellished with red dots, and is grown only in Malaysia’s Kinabalu National Park. It is difficult to cultivate this flower as it takes many years to appear. Its rarity and high price have earned this orchid the moniker “Gold of Kinabalu”.

3. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid ($200,000)

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

This orchid is a man-made flower and is named after the group of researchers who originally cultivated it. It took them eight long years to breed this flower and observe it. The high price is for its beauty, rarity, background and difficulty in cultivation. The orchid takes about five years to blossom and has a delicate taste.

2. Juliet Rose ($15.8 million)

Juliet Rose

Creator David Austin took 15 years to grow this lovely flower. He showcased it to the world at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2006. The rose is worth £3 million or about $15.8 million.

1. Kadupul Flower (Priceless)

Kadupul Flower

This flower is priceless because it is rare and cannot be harvested. Kadupul is a cactus actually, and blossoms only at night. It emanates a soothing, lovely scent. Kadupul lives only for a few hours after it is picked, hence it is not possible to sell this exotic and unique flower.

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