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How To Score Above 300 In Jamb

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How To Score Above 300 In Jamb? This is expected to be ask from any students that is preparing for jamb 2019/2020. But do you know you can get up to 300 if do the right things at the right time?

Well it is not a rocket science and you shouldn’t expect any miracle to happen as well, all i will be doing here is provide you with list of Things you need to do to pass jamb 2019/2020.

Reasons Why You Need To Get High Score For 2019/2020  Utme

You might be asking your self why you need to get high score for the forthcoming 2019 Utme Exam.

  1. High Chance of Getting Admission: Every individual prayer that sit for utme is to get admission but do you know that won’t happen by miracle. You need a good 2019 utme Result to get a high chance of getting admitted.
  2. Making Your Parents Proud: I could remember when i was preparing for UTME back all I wanted was to make Papa and mama proud. When you get high score for your 2019/2020 UTME Exam. They will be proud of you and flaunts you among friends.
  3. Making YourSelf Proud: When you get a High score mark for your 2019 UTME exam, trust me, you won’t be afraid to tell anyone your score even without being ask.
  4. Getting Your Prefer Institution and Course: It is a different thing to get admitted and it is also a different thing to get that course/institution of your choice. It is know that average Nigeria Student don’t courses of their choice. which start from getting low score.


How To Score Above 300 In Jamb – Preparation For UTME 2019/2020.

How to score 300 in jamb 2019 and how to score 350 in jamb must have come to your mind. Without wasting much of your time. Lets go straight to the point.

Start Reading Immediately

This simply means start early. It is not always early to start preparing for next year exam now. Do you know why? It increase your chance of getting good pass mark.

Don’t wait until the registration start before begin to read.

From experience , during my first jamb then in 2017. I start preparing for the exam right from my second year in senior secondary school. And i reach the cut off mark for my choosing course after following tips on how to prepare for jamb and score above 280/300 .

Work More On Your Weakness

Everybody has a weakness. If you really want to pass your exam at a seating, you must detect your weakness on time. Then during my secondary school days, My weakness was Mathematics.

No matter how I read, I would always forget the basic due to short time i dedicated to studying it. What i did was allocate more time studying jamb mathematics series, set the timer and try to solve them as first as possible.

Make Use of Jamb Series

As most of us know, jamb do repeat questions and this you can leverage on. Never you neglect them.

I can boldly tell you that jamb don’t have new questions . If you can practice them well. You won’t be searching for How to score above 300 in jamb next year

They saved my ass then when preparing for UTME.

Make Use Of Jamb Syllabus

Jamb Syllabus is like a booklet that guide jamb 2019/2020 on what to study for the exams and what to neglect.

By making proper use of it , you can study at a better rate and spend less time on materials that you won’t be needing for the exam.

Make Friends With Other Candidate

Having friends that share same interest with you is the best thing that could ever happen to a man. During your preparation for the exam it is advisable to make friends with those who are sitting for the same exam

This way, you get access to relevant information at the right time and also study in group with them.

Always Visit

Visit our website for more update and guides on How to score above 300 in jamb.

Make Use Of Recommended TextBooks

You don’t buy any textbooks and read. You are expected to read certain textbooks that are recommended by jamb.

Attend The Best Tutorial Centre

Not everyone is discipline enough to get educated out of the four corners of the classrooms – Olatinwo Dayo

Even if we have students that can study on their own, we have these sets of people that find it difficult to stay on track without supervision.

For them getting the best tutorial in there environment is the best thing that can be done.

Thanks for reading How to score above 300 in jamb


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